Participant registration

Participants will be registered approximately 1 week before the PT Scheme is due to start.

Upon registration, participants will receive an email which includes; despatch details, a unique lab code, unique lab ID and further instructions.

PT Scheme kit dispatched

Each quarterly PT Scheme kit is dispatched during the last week of the previous quarter and includes; a verification fluid, activator solution, instruction sheet, syringes, needs and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Tracking details will be provided to the recipient of the PT Scheme kit.

Testing and online reporting

Participants have 1-2 weeks testing time and will be sent a reminder if results have not been submitted.

Test results are reported online using the unique lab code issued in the registration email.

Participants will be sent an email with their results and the expected tolerance range. Participants with results outside the expected tolerances will be notified immediately and provided with advice and support including a diagnostic checklist.

Scheme closes

The last day of that month is the last day participants are able to submit results online.

Results which are not reported online will not be included in the end of month summary report.

Summary report distributed

Data is gathered and a report created. The summary report is then distributed to participants by email.

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